Lock King Locksmiths are your safe expert on the Gold Coast and we can supply and fit a large range of optional sizes, and high standard Burg watcher safes including:

  • Fire safes
  • Insurance safes
  • Gun safes
  • Data safes
  • Digital key safes
  • Fingerprint key safes
  • and more!

Do I need a safe?

Home burglaries and break-ins are among the most common crimes on the Gold Coast and they account for over one-fifth of all offences recorded by the police.

By international standards, Australia’s burglary rate is relatively high, which not only reflects the seedier side of some of our communities, but also the relative wealth and the fact that many of our homes contain items that are easy to transport and re-sell. Money and Jewellery are the most commonly stolen items across all residential burglaries, due to the smaller size of the object and the high value.

The Queensland Police Service Annual Statistical Review 2010/11 showed residential break-ins across the state remained a significant problem with 24,955 homes broken into during the year. In a lot of these cases, the theft was opportunistic and many householders unfortunately made it easy for thieves to enter their property by not using simple and basic home security measures.

The Master Locksmiths Association believes the simple method of ‘keep it safe, keep it hidden, keep it locked’ works best. The simple solution to protecting your money, jewellery and other important assets is to put them in a safe.

Purchasing a Safe

There are many different types and brands of safes currently out in the Gold Coast safe market, and you do tend to get what you pay for. Our Lock King Locksmiths experts are happy to discuss your requirements and let you know the options that would best suit your security requirements.
You need to consider the degree of protection you want to have, as well as the nature and value of the property you want to secure. There are also various options when it comes to locking your safe including a key operation, fingerprint lock, combination lock or electronic lock.

If you need to invest in a safe then Lock King Locksmiths can ensure the Burg watcher safe you choose is right for your Gold Coast location, and most importantly, it is installed correctly. Most burglars will attempt to take the safe with them so they can break into it without pressure of time. If a safe is incorrectly installed, it will make the burglars job easier! Lock King Locksmiths understand that the installation is just as important as safe itself!

Competitive Pricing for Safes

Lock King Locksmiths services are economical, reliable and available 24/7. Keep in mind that some Locksmiths may quote a price that seems very low and when they get to your location the quote changes dramatically or you are told they are unable to complete the job but you still have to pay a call out fee.

Calling the Lock King experts will save you time and money, and ensure the job is done properly, whenever you need us. If you are looking for a reliable, trustworthy, economical Locksmiths who knows their job, call your Lock King Locksmiths now, we are ready to take your call!

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