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Car Key Cutting How it works

Thanks to Lock King Locksmiths we can provide car key cutting services for the owner of the vehicle. Also this can be done anywhere on the Gold Coast and its available 24 hours every day. So if you get locked out of your car or lose your keys with our flexible rates we help you get on the move again. Why wait call one of our friendly locksmiths now.

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If you have lost your car key somebody else could have it. For your car security there for we suggest to program the transponder chip in the new or existing key so the old key does not start the car.

What is a Transponder chip?

The transponder chip, immobiliser and Electronic Computer Unit (ECU) talk and let the car start when correctly programmed. Also most if not all Australian cars after 1996 have these embedded into the plastic mold of the key head powered through wireless power. It is far cheaper and faster than changing all of the locks on a car. But please speak to us about your car for pricing.

Next Step

Ok so we have stopped someone else starting your car but what about entry into the car? We suggest changing the key for all the locks by cutting a new key. Even programming a new or existing remote.

Lock King Locksmiths are happy to negotiate a price with you when talk to us.

Finally our work is done properly. So if you are looking for a reliable 24 hour mobile auto locksmith with experience in car keys arrange a booking and we will be more than happy to help.

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