Automotive Locksmiths

Lock King Locksmiths are your automotive key professional, and our services include:

  • Bike
  • Car
  • Jet Ski
  • Marine Key Cutting & Programming
  • Repairs & replacement of locks, keys and  remotes
  • ECU Resetting & in circuit immobilizer reading/editing
  • Motorcycle Keys – Replacements – Reprogramming


Lock King Locksmiths are available 24hrs a day, for those times where you have managed to get locked out of your car or have lost your keys. With competitive rates we help you get on the move again anywhere on the Gold Coast.

24hr / 7 Days Assistance For:

  • Unlocking of automotive doors, boots & glove boxes
  • Cutting and programming of automotive keys
  • Duplicating and cloning of automotive keys
  • Transponder automotive keys for immobilizers
  • Broken automotive Key

Fast Response Time For:

  • Motorcycle keys
  • Jammed ignition repairs/replacements
  • Ignition reconditioning
  • Ignition reconditioning
  • Rekeying of locks to change keys
  • Automotive and motorcycle ECU resetting
  • Automotive Door and trunk lock repairs, replacements

Automotive and Marine Security

Lock King Locksmiths are able to provide keys, fobs and remotes 24/7. You will find that a lot of other Locksmiths, especially larger companies, will claim that they also do this, but they usually only provide the basic jobs. We are different as our professionals are able to make keys for all cars and bikes, except a couple of makes of European cars, and even these are currently being decoded by our suppliers. In this case – but very rarely – we would refer the customer to the dealer.

Our network of technical experts around the world is continually growing in order to deliver auto
keys quicker cheaper, and easier to our clients.

This field is a constant learning process because the developers of each car company makes it very difficult to have unauthorized access to a key. And it’s the Auto Locksmith’s job to beat the encryption and provide a key to the authorized person instead of going to the dealer.

Car dealers are able to provide us with key codes for the make and model required, but they do not cut keys. Sometimes they will even refer their customers to us for replacement or spare keys.

Lock King Locksmiths, unlike most other Locksmiths, are able to perform an in-circuit immobilizer and ECU reading and decoding. Our experts can then edit and rewrite coding into the car, or bike’s
computer. If you have lost your key and you are concerned about who has it, to prevent unauthorized access we can reprogram the transponder in the new key so the old key does not start the car.


If you have ever lost the keys to your jet ski, you will understand how much of a problem this is!
Lock King Locksmiths are proud to say that you can now come to the only Locksmiths on the Gold Coast who are able to replace your lost or broken jet ski keys, or we can come to you 24/7.


Lock King Locksmiths are happy to negotiate a price with you when you call. Our services are economical, reliable and available 24/7. Keep in mind that some Locksmiths may quote a price that seems very low and when they get to your location the quote changes dramatically or you are told they are unable to complete the job but you still have to pay a call out fee, and possibly pay for a tow as well.

Calling the experts will save you time and money, and ensure the job is done properly, whenever you need us. If you are looking for a reliable, trustworthy, economical Locksmiths who knows their job, call your Lock King Locksmiths now, we are ready to take your call!

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